Former Oldham Mayor, Councillor Abdul Jabbar has formed a partnership between local businesses and education establishments to help to encourage and inspire Oldham students at secondary schools and at colleges and at the University Centre Oldham to reach academic goals and set them on the path to a successful future. The Oldham Education Trust is a partnership between Councillor Abdul Jabbar, University Centre Oldham and The Oldham Chronicle with support from the HSBC. The Trust seeks to reward and motivate local students by awarding them individual bursaries and prize funds in order to encourage their educational performance and academic prospects.

Councillor Abdul Jabbar explains...

“I strongly believe that everyone should have the opportunity to unlock the potential within him or her and to translate their potential into educational and economic achievements. I firmly believe education for all is a must for our society as we prepare for radical changes in the labour market and the way we live. Technology will play a huge role in our lives and we must ensure that everyone has access to it and that disadvantaged groups are not left behind. In this way we will simultaneously address issues of social exclusion and the challenge of economic regeneration. The future workforce, our borough, must have the skills to compete at the “cutting edge” of new technology to ensure that Britain plays a major role in the new global economy.”

Megan Cowle a success story...

Megan Cowle is a shining inspiration of what the Oldham Education Trust can do for learners of any age. Now 36, Megan came to higher education late having overcome a series of daunting problems — chronic ill health that prevented her from applying for a university place in her teens, further health problems when she was older and an abusive marriage from which she was forced to flee.

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The Aim

The aim of the Trust is to encourage educational performance and achievements in learners of all ages throughout educational establishments within Oldham, by assisting in the provision of individual bursaries, prize funds and mentoring.

What you can do

If you are interested in the future of Oldham and the future of those Oldham youngsters who, because of difficult circumstances, need extra help to achieve the sort of academic success that will set them up for the future then contact the Trust treasurer and former University Centre professor, David Smith by e-mail here.